Asphalt Pricing & Locations

Goldsboro Construction, Inc. FOB sales are a big part of who we are. We offer asphalt mixes that meet all NCDOT and SCDOT specifications. Our mixes have been designed and produced to meet not only our needs, but our private customers needs as well. We are an industry leader in both production and service with a total of six plants.

Current Monthly FOB Asphalt Prices October 1, 2019

Charlotte Plants:
(RSF 9.5A) $57.50/TON
(RS9.5B) $54.50/TON
(RS9.5C) $54.50/TON
(RI 19.0 B&C) $49.25/TON
(RB 25.0 B&C) $49.25/TON

Greensboro Plants:  
(RSF 9.5A) $60.00/TON
(RS9.5B) $59.00/TON
(RI 19.0 B&C) $56.00/TON
(RB25.0 B&C) $56.00/TON

All sales are subject to state and local taxes. Please call for SCDOT mix pricing.

Charlotte Plants:
$10.00/TON for crushed RAP
Rap not available at all Plants.